Clear-coat – Tile Joint Sealant

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Clear-coat – Tile Joint Sealant

The bathroom leakage kit is clear and the gloss finish coating is ideal for use on surfaces such as tiles, Chinese mosaics, terrazzo flooring, or previously coated concrete.


Without Removing Tiles: Clear coat kit

The bathroom leakage kit is clear and the gloss finish Tile Joint Sealant . is ideal for use on surfaces such as tiles, Chinese mosaics, terrazzo flooring, or previously coated concrete. The two-component clear coat and hardener make it easy to apply, and the surface must be clean and dry before application. Each kit can cover approximately 150 sq. ft. of  china mosaics OR Tile Joint Sealant. It takes 72-96 hours to completely cure at 30-40°C and has a pot time of 30 minutes. Overall, this coating is a great solution for those looking for a durable and shiny floor.

How to use Clear coat Kit

  • Make sure that the surface is completely dry. Clean the Surface thoroughly using a cloth. The surface should be free of dust, before application.
  • Use a Hand Scraper and remove old grouts(joints)in Tiles. So chemicals can be filled in it.
  • MOST IMPORTANT MIXING RATIO For Terrace Tile Joints: Mix WATERSEAL’S Clear-Coat (Part A- 50 ml+ Part B-50 ml) Ratio of 1:1  ( Flexible and Slow setting Coating for Open space)For Bathroom Tiles Joints (Part A- 50 ml+ Part B-25 ml) Ratio of 2:1. (Hard and dry Coating)use a 100 ml Measuring cup And fill the Mixture in Needle Container.
  • Fill the mixture into Joints In Needle Container Use the mixture in less than 30 minutes, or else it will start drying. Joints will take 4 to 6 Hours to semi Dry. After repeating the Same Procedure and Filling the All Joints
    2nd Time. Once all joints are filled up.
  • Fill the Big Crack & Joint Grooves with mixed filler using Putty-knife (4″ Hand Scraper)(1Part Clear coat mixer + 2 Part Crack Grouting Powder )Clean the Surface thoroughly using cloth. let the surface dry for at least 12-18 Hrs.
  • For better results: Coating all over the tiles with Paint Brush and Roller.
  • Warning: Never add the leftover mixture back to the chemical container else the chemicals will start drying. Store in a cool & well- ventilated Place.
  • Note: Contact us – at 9825585997 for a 10/20 Kg Packing of Clear Coat Commercial kit ( More Discounted Price )
Clear-coat – Tile Joint Sealant Description

Clear Coat Kit for Bathroom Leakage: Durable and Glossy Finish Tile Joint Sealant

Introducing our Clear Coat Kit for Bathroom Leakage, the ultimate solution to transform your bathroom with a durable and glossy finish. This kit is specially designed for use on various surfaces, including tiles, Chinese mosaics, terrazzo flooring, and previously coated concrete. Say goodbye to those pesky leaks and hello to a stunning bathroom makeover!

The clear coat and hardener in this kit make the application process a breeze. Simply ensure that the surface is clean and dry before applying the clear coat. With each kit covering approximately 150 sq. ft. of tiles or china mosaics, you'll have more than enough to tackle any bathroom size.

One of the greatest advantages of this clear coat is its quick curing time. Within 72-96 hours at a temperature of 30-40°C, your bathroom floor will be completely cured and ready to withstand daily use. The pot time of 30 minutes allows for easy and efficient application, saving you time and hassle.

Not only does this clear coat provide a protective layer, but it also adds a beautiful gloss finish to your bathroom floor. The shiny surface will enhance the overall aesthetic, making your bathroom feel more luxurious and inviting.

Our clear coat kit for bathroom leakage is the perfect solution for those looking to revamp their bathroom without the need for tile removal. It not only solves leakage issues but also provides a long-lasting and stunning floor finish. Invest in this kit today and enjoy a bathroom that is not only functional but also visually appealing.

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    Alok Saha

    I use this kit on China mosaic

    I have China mosaic vata and need to stop the leakage I also would like to use it on my China mosaic terrace please suggest something which is transparent

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    Sarvesh Patel

    Thank you Waterseal Waterproofing.

    My first time using the Waterseal Clearcoat. Proper Description, videos and Guideline is provided for mixing and application-related issues. And the best thing about Waterseal is their On-Call assistance whenever needed. Thank you Waterseal Waterproofing.

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    Deepak Singh

    I have used Waterseal Clear-Coat

    I have used Waterseal Clear-Coat. is great for stopping low-pressure leaks and seepage in my Bathroom and Bedroom Wall.

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