Swimming Pool Waterproofing

How do you know the need for swimming pool waterproofing ?

We are a well-known Swimming pool Waterproofing company that builds attractive waterproof swimming pools. with extreme care by trained professionals.

Through the application of Silicone Polymers Coatings to essential places including horizontal and vertical joints, angles, and all Walls, “Waterseal” offers waterproofing for swimming tanks.

It’s natural for your pool to lose some water to evaporation, some to splash out, and some to back wash your filter.

if you add more than five inches of water to your pool each week, then you need waterproofing.

Steps for pool waterproofing

1) Clean all surfaces with a brush or any other suitable means and wash with water, freeing the terrace dust.

2) Fill all cracks with specially prepared silicone-based crack fillers.

3) Apply one PSV (white) coating above clean surfaces, sealing all visible and invisible cracks and joints.

4) Second coating of Flexible Emulsion Polymers with basic fillers “water seal PSv – Gold” for better bonding of the surface.

5) The Top Final Coating “waterseal PSv Super” (Water Repellent Property) protects the entire base of coatings.

Note: Pond testing will be carried out by maintaining the water for 24 hours.

New Swimming pool Waterproofing
New Swimming Pool Waterproofing
Water Treatment in New Construction
Chacking of Swimming Pool
OLD swimming pool waterproofing
Old Swimming Pool Waterproofing
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