Interior Wall Waterproofing

Permanent Wall Waterproofing services

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Looking for a way to stop seepage in your internal walls? Our waterproofing solution is here to help. Not only does it protect against dampness, mold, and structural damage caused by water seepage, but it also helps maintain a dry and healthy indoor environment. Plus, it minimizes the risk of water-related issues like peeling paint or wallpaper and improves the overall aesthetics of your walls by preventing water stains. With our solution, you can enhance the durability and lifespan of your internal wall structures.

Damages in Home From Bathroom Leakage
Interior Wall Waterproofing

Why Do You Need Wall Waterproofing?

Do you want to get a Solution for leaky roof, seepage, wall dampness, wall fungal, and water damage? We are providing you with an innovative Wall Waterproofing solution to all these problems.

  • Are your wall paint flakes puffed out in the Wall?
  • Did you notice any water leakage in the monsoon?
  • do you get a bad smell from Wall?
  • Then you need waterproofing.
  • Wall Dampness
  • Wall Fungi
  • Paint Peel out
  • Seepage

Water seepage can lead to growth, causing significant damage and air quality issues. From our study, we found that the walls of every old Building are wet up to 3 feet. from the floor inside your living area. Your family's health is at Risk.

Interior Wall Waterproofing Method

There are multiple reasons, like rising dampness from the high ground water table, cracks through which rainwater seeps inside, and seepage from adjoining leaking walls of the bathroom and kitchen. The current traditional waterproofing methods are not enough to tackle the severe dampness occurring due to these reasons. You need specialized treatment to arrest this dampness permanently. Any seepage from these surfaces can negatively impact your adjacent walls. That being said, however, every now and then the damage is due to outdoor elements like rain or has already taken place earlier than when your restroom was waterproofed properly. In such instances, it is an awesome idea to waterproof the dampened partitions for your rooms as well.  Use damp-proof PSV paint for internal walls

What do people do if they find seepage issues in the Building?

Hey there!

Looking to get some work done on your home? We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with dampness and leakage issues. That's why we wanted to let you know that Waterseal can help!

We specialize in providing permanent waterproofing solutions that get to the root of the problem. With over 28 years of experience and over 7,000 happy customers, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Don't settle for a temporary fix – let Waterseal provide expert solutions that will keep your home dry and secure. We offer professional waterproofing services and home inspections, with a 5-year guarantee.

Say goodbye to all your leakage problems with Waterseal's complete waterproofing solutions. Contact us today to learn more!

Exterior Wall Waterproofing.

Exterior wall waterproofing is best done during construction. Using high-quality liquid waterproofing compounds in the starting stage, along with cement and sand, can be effective. Alternatively, using a Waterseal PSV coating before painting your exterior walls can also prevent water leakage…



Interior Wall Waterproofing Method Video by Waterseal

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