Waterproofing Cost per square feet

Waterproofing cost OR Waterproofing Rate can  different amounts depending on what you need, like for your roof, terrace, bathroom, or water tank. It's important to hire good contractors who use high-quality materials and do good work. They can tell you how much it might cost.

Waterproofing is important because it stops your property from getting damaged. Our team can help you figure out what you need and give you a good solution. We are good at small or big projects, and we can get you good results for an Affordable price.

Table of waterproofing cost

Waterproofing Chemicals Cost

We use high-quality materials to make sure your property is safe. Contact us for a free consultation. We want to help you keep your property safe from the water!

Below, we have listed various places, including new and old houses, where proper waterproofing is required. With 28 years of experience, we are offering our services at the lowest possible and affordable prices. Our high-quality chemicals and products are incorporated during the waterproofing process. We guarantee to provide you with the best service through our skilled Team.

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Old and New Construction Terrace waterproofing Charge per square feet

terrace waterproofing cost per square foot india

Roof – Terrace Waterproofing Cost Rs.35/- to Rs.40/-  Per Sq.feet

  • 250 – 2000 Sq.feet Rs.40/- Per Sq.ft
  • 2000 – 10,000 Sq.feet Rs.38/- Per Sq.ft
  • 10,000 – 25000 Sq.ft Rs.35/- Per Sq.ft
  • Under 250 Sq.ft Minimum Rs.10,000/-

  • Re-plastering with Terrace Waterproofing Compound @ Rs.150/-


–We provide our services in Ahmadabad, but if the Waterproofing area is above 10000 Sq.feet – our services are available all over India – with 20% Extra Charges at this Rate.

Old Bathroom Renovation with Waterproofing Cost.

Bathroom Renovation Cost Rs.520 Per Sq.Feet With Labor and Construction Materials

  • Removing bathroom Wall and bottom tiles and Old Accessories
  • The drainage and pipelines will also be Removes.
  • New Plaster with Waterproofing.
  • Install New Drainage and all Pipelines by Expert Plumber.
  • Rs.520/- Per Sq.Feet ( Included cement, sand, concrete, waterproofing chemicals,labor,Plumbing,Tiling and Fitting  charges )

However, the cost of any new accessories such as taps, toilet seat, washbasin, and tiles will not be included in this price. The homeowner will have to purchase these items themselves.

Old and New Water Tank Waterproofing Cost - With 5 years Guarantee ​

Water tank Waterproofing Cost Rs.120/- Per Sq.feet

1. Overhead Tank Inside Waterproofing Rate Rs.120/- Per Sq. Feet
2. Overhead tank Waterproofing   +Plastering Rs.230 /– Per Sq. Feet

3. Underground tank Inside Waterproofing Rs.120/- Per Sq. Feet

4. Exterior Wall Plastering with Waterproofing Rs.210/- Per Sq. Feet

5. Exterior Zoola  Rs.4000/- , Folding Scaff(as per requirements) OR Ladder Charges for more than 2 Floors.

Minimum Water Tank Waterproofing at Rs.15,000/-

Under Ground Negative Pressure

Under Ground Negative Pressure in Tank Per Point Rs.2000/-

Waterseal Quick Seal Powder is extra quickly cover Negative Water leakage,Flooding water,large cracks, gaps and holes.So easy to use! Just Add Water and seal the running water Force.Sets in 3-5 minutes to stop active water leaks and seepage.The following self-explanatory video shows how we can stop heavy leakage of water effectively using Waterseal Quick Seal Cement & Waterseal PSv. Which gives proven results.very much important so that the right materials can be used to solve your problem permanently.

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Wall Waterproofing Cost at Ahmdeabad

1. Wall Waterproofing +Plastering Rs.150 /- Per Sq. Feet
Exterior Wall Waterproofing Rs.50/- Per Sq. Feet (Three Coat)
Epoxy Wall Waterproofing Rs.220/- (Double Coat)
Basement Exterior Wall Waterproofing Rs.60/- Per Sq. Feet
(Exterior Zoola Charges for more than 2 Floors.) Rs.4000/-

wall waterproofing Cost with Plastering Rs.150/- Per Sq.feet
Exterior wall waterproofing Cost Rs.50/- per Sq.Feet Zoola Charges Rs.4000/- Extra
Exterior Basement Wall Waterproofing Cost Rs.60/- Per Sq.feet

New Construction Bathroom Waterproofing Cost in Ahmedabad

New Construction – Bathroom Waterproofing Rate Rs . 60/

(Minimum Rs.5,000/-) Per Bathroom.

Core Cut Filling in New Bathroom

Core Cutting Filled With Non-Shrink Powder+Psv Rs.1000/- Per Core.

New Water Tank,Swimming Pool,Terrace Garden Fish Pond ,Fountain Tank Waterproofing Rate.


We provide a safe and Hygiene 100% Leak-Proof Drinkable Water tank Waterproofing. Waterseal PSv prevents the tank from algae, fungus, or other bacterial growth.

Any Types of Tank Inside Waterproofing  Rs.120/- Per Sq. Feet.

Minimum Charge of  one Water Tank Waterproofing at Rs.12,000/-

Under Ground Negative Pressure in Tank Per Point Rs.2000/-

Our Waterproofing Method  1. Cleaning the base area and Wall
2. Applying the First coat to fill the invisible cracks & small holes with Waterseal PSv+ Fresh Water 1:1 Ratio.
3.Fix all Joints,Vata,Cracksand Corners with PPC mat and PSv chemical
4. Applying the Second & Third coat to strengthen the surface.
5. Applying Final Coat of Waterseal PSv by sprayer or brush.

Industrial Shed , Parking Shed, and Weather Shed Waterproofing Cost

Industrial - Weather Shed Waterproofing Cost

Industrial Waterproofing Costing

1. Industrial Cement Sheet Waterproofing By Waterseal PSv + PPC Mat 3 Coating Rs. 60/- Per Sq.ft

2. Metal Roof Waterproofing with Welding Patchwork Rs.65/- Per Sq.feet

3. FRP Coating on Fibre Shed Rs.130/- Per Sq.feet

4. anti corrosion Coating Rs.140/- Per Sq.feet

5. Industrial Epoxy Flooring Rs.220/- Per Sq.feet (double Coat)

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