Waterseal Waterproofing Services

Waterseal Waterproofing  is one of the best- expert waterproofing Contractors, offering a wide range of waterproofing solutions.we offer effective & Affordable solutions to these problems. Waterproofing is a construction measure designed to prevent water from damaging a building. It can be done during or after building work to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture and leaks.Water damage can result in serious issues to a building’s structure and appearance. It can damage not only the surface, but also affects the health and safety of those around the affected building.



Why Choose Our Water proofing Service?


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Why do you Need Terrace waterproofing services ?

  • do you notice any moisture or shipage in ceiling or wall during monsoon ?
  • does your ceiling leak during heavy rains ?
  • are your ceiling plaster flakes falling ?
  • are your wall paint flakes puffed out ?
  •  if you notice any problem of above then you immediately needs terrace water proofing.

Why do you Need Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions ?

  • do you notice any moisture in outer side wall of bathroom during monsoon ?
  • do you look any moisture from ceilings below bathroom ?
  • there may be chances of drainage & plumbing lines faulty or having cracks  in tiles,
  • then you needs bathroom water proofing.

Why do you Need Basement and Walls waterproofing services ?

  • Are your wall paint flakes puffed out in basement ?
  • do you notice water leakage in monsoon ?
  • do you get bad smell from basement ?
  • then you needs basement waterproofing.Services

Water Tank and Swimming Pool waterproofing Chemicals

  • water leakage from overhead water tank,
  • any salt formation outside of water tank,
  • small or big cracks outside of water tank,
  • no water is remaining inside underground water tank,
  • then you need Water Tank OR Swimming Pool water proofing.

Epoxy Water proofing Coating for Industrial Flooring .........                  


23 years Experience

Waterseal Water Proofing Solution, has been providing guaranteed solutions for water leakage for the past 23 years. For any problems relating to leakage or cracks, we provide the best and permanent solutions. We use world class standard permanent solutions for any kind of leakage or cracks. We provide trust worthy solutions with a Genuine Guarantee period of 3 years. We ensure that our services are provided without any inconvenience for our customers. We undertake repairing of any building, be it old or new. We have expertly skilled men who fix the leakages or cracks without damaging the existing roof as well as tiled terrace.

Our Water proofing services protect your valuable buildings

Cost Effective | Easy Apply | 3 Years Guarantee |100% Satisfaction | Heat Resistant Properties

Our Best Waterproofing Chemicals Methods are:

1.Silicone Polymer Method ( Best Water proofing Application for Terrace,Roof,Bathroom ,Water Tank and Wall)

2.Epoxy-Coating ( Anti Corrosion & Waterproof Epoxy Coating for Industrial Chemical Storage Tank and containers)

 Waterproofing Solutions - 3 years guarantee THREE YEAR GENUINE GUARANTEE

This water proofing system is guaranteed for 3 years. In case of any complaint during this Guarantee period,will be rectified free of cost.

Our promise as a contractor, is to build community value into every project. while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality Water proofing.