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27 years waterproofing

History of The Waterseal Waterproofing

Providing Waterproofing Services for More Than 27 Years

Waterseal Waterproofing   is an Indian company in the sector of Waterproofing Specialists. It was founded in 1995 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Mr Simon Benjamin. His choices towards more innovative products, with a lower environmental impact, without compromising their high standard and technological qualities.

How We Got Started: Story of  ” Waterseal Waterproofing”

    Mr.Simon Benjamin (Founder of  Waterseal Waterproofing) was connected with various fields  like, Acrylic Moulding,Fiber Statues ,sculptures, Fountains,Laminating articles etc from many years. His interest in various chemically Based fields made him use many Chemicals for various purposes . He was Seeking to find a chemical that can be applied on Natural Clay Sculptures, to prevent it from Water damage. He did many experiments for producing a chemical for such waterproofing purpose. And made a personal research for making such chemicals , which made him try some of imported and local chemicals .Therefore his efforts for making such an chemical Succeeded for preventing Clay sculptures from water damage.

Having Success of that Chemical ,One fine day he thought of trying the chemical ,to stop his leaking over-head Water tank. Therefore his trial was 100% successful. Then after he started to apply the chemical coating for repairing water seepage and leakages of neighborhood houses , whose result got successful.

Looking at the Successful results of Waterproofing, In Year 1995 he Decided to produce his Chemical On Commercial  Basis and Start Waterproofing Services. After some advertising and his efforts , The company soon started to get small and residential Waterproofing Projects. The company was soon being known for its excellence in waterproofing service and Guaranteed work at affordable rates.

With more successive years and expertise in the field of waterproofing, Waterseal became one of the Trusted brand in the filed of waterproofing . Soon the company developed expertise in finding the main cause of water leakage problem and Got more and more better with years of experience in the field of waterproofing . And still we wish to take our company to more and more better standards of waterproofing in order to provide clients the best service they deserve, at affordable rates.  Read our Privacy Policy

Our Vision

We have more than 2500 successful projects in Gujarat . All are committed to the same common values and principles.In order to accomplish this goal, we use our Detail-waterproofing System. This system has been perfected carefully over the past 25+ years. This, coupled with our Professional Waterproofing Checklist, enables us to ensure that each of our customers receives quality service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to run our company with respect to traditions, and focus on healthy buildings. We aim to develop Waterproofing method safe for people and their environment, and solutions that are at the forefront of technology and respect the future generations.

Our Aim is to provide More better and better service to clients. We Create new and worthwhile ideas and also Elaborate, refine, analyze and evaluate your own ideas in order to improve and maximize the creativity efforts. we use Original & Quality Solutions for waterproofing and 100% Satisfaction

The Waterseal is a leading provider of residential & Industrial Waterproofing services by creating a positive impact.We are Confident and we can provide you with our work in a professional manner.

Our Genuine Guarantee.

This waterproofing system is guaranteed for 5 years. In case of any complaint during this Guarantee period,will be rectified free of cost. As our customer, you can be assured you will receive only the best.

Why Choose Our Waterproofing Service?

Choose us because of our reputation for excellence. For more than 25 years, we’ve earned a name for quality and customer service. our Skilled Employees give  always high quality work  and  Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Simon benjamin

Simon benjamin
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Swapnil Benjamin

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