Waterproofing on terrace

How to Waterproofing on terrace

Waterproofing terrace is a tricky problem in building construction, mainly because the surfaces are flat. This means that the water cannot run off the structure quickly, and will move slowly or pool above the surface, creating opportunities for leakage.

We Providing Waterproofing Terrace .

With Waterseal’s effective Silicone Polymer. Waterproofing Terrace  will be durable and damage free.

Leakage and seepage can be caused by improper slopes, clogged drainage pipes, cracks and damages on the terrace slab, resulting in standing water on the roof which leads to seepage and leakage on the floor below. Silicone coatings like Damp proof provide lamination to terrace and helps is resolving waterproofing issues.

A terrace with tiles or china chips has many joints. Improper filling of these joints and cracks in tiles may lead to waterproofing problems. For application of Damp proof above these chips, tile primer is required.

If at all you are planning to have a garden on your terrace, you need to have waterproofing done. Waterproofing can be easily be done by application of waterproofing polymer coating on concrete slab/surface. But this coating is done on concrete. Once a waterproof Silicone polymer coating is done.



When it is intended to carry out the waterproofing of a newly built reinforced concrete roof, it is best to provide the waterproofing layer directly on the structural slab. The insulation layer and the finishing layer can then follow.

Washing the Roof-terrace surface and making it dust free.

  1.  Applying First coat for Filling the invisible cracks & small holes with diluted silicone By spray paint machine. .
  2.  Applying Second & Third coat of Silicone based cement waterproofing to strengthen the surface By Painting Brush.
  3.  Applying Final Forth Coat of Transparent Silicone by Roller OR Paint Sprayer.
  4. These advanced technology laden protection is very safe,maintenance free and cost effective…


  • Washing the Roof / terrace surface and making it dust free.
  • Filling all the visible cracks by way of specially prepared Silicone crack filler.
  • Applying First coat for Filling the invisible cracks & small holes with diluted silicone.
  • Applying Second & Third coat of Silicone based cement waterproofing to strengthen the surface.
  • Applying Final Forth Coat of Transparent Silicone by Roller.
 This is a Water based  Silicone added with white cement in proper ratio.
 After applying all coatings on the surface, it will set within half an hour. The completely curing is needed for 24 hours to strengthen
 No Worries About Load of The Silicone Waterproofing. Only 2 to 3mm  layer thickness  to prevent water leakage from the applied surface.


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  • Anonymous

    Terrace water proofing

    My building is of 35 years old. Extent of the terrace is 1200 sft ,some leakages in 1st floor when rain occurs.


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  • Anonymous


    Want to get my terrace water proofed.


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      Waterseal waterproofing Services


      Sure. Please Contact us for Waterproofing Service in Ahmedabad

  • Anonymous

    Leakproof of terrace

    What we have to buy keakproof material. Mention names and how to mix and how to apply


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