Waterproofing over bathroom tiles-Cracks & Tile Joints Sealant

How to Seal Bathroom and Kitchen Tile Joints ?

How To stop Bathroom leakage without removing floor tiles- how to waterproof a bathroom floor

Waterseal clear coat is Super glossy Clear-Coat Cracks & Tile Joints Sealant Use for Terrace,Kitchen,Bathroom and Swimming Pool’s tile joints and crack Grouting.

Waterseal Clear Coat is also used to Seal Water leakages from Decorative Terrace and Balconies that are often used for parties or functions . Waterseal Clear coat provides Transparent Coating over the Designed surface thus preserving the look of the floor while giving waterproof results. 2 Coats of Waterseal clear coat over the surface is advisable to get 100% waterproof Results.
We can Waterproof Textured floors,Swimming Pools, Decorative China mosaic, Terrazzo Flooring,Fancy tiling ,etc while maintaining its actual look. We get a super finish Gloss over the surface after Clear coat.

Available Cracks & Tile Joints Sealant from waterseal.in  and Amazon.in

  • 100% Solids epoxy formula
  • Super glossy,Decorative Finish
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • no Primer needed
  • Exceptional wear resistance

This clear coat of epoxy resin , used in Terrace,Kitchen,Bathroom,Swimming Pool,Food Processing Space and more.

Features and Benefits of Waterseal Clear-Coat- Cracks & Tile Joints Sealant for waterproofing

  • Excellent durability & chemical resistance.
  • Mainly used on interior OR Designer floors,food and drinks factories.
  • Easy roll-on application.
  • Cures in 10 hours for light foot traffic
  • Coated surface: approximately 100 sq. ft. per Kg.
  • Tools required : 6” Roller, or 4” Paint Brush and Acetone for cleaning tools


Appearance Clear, gloss finish
Usage Interiors
Suitable For Tiles ,China Mosaic and Terrazzo Flooring or previously coated concrete
Properties Easy to apply, two component clear coat + Hardner
Surfaces Clean and Dry Surface Tiles ,China Mosaic and Terrazzo Flooring
Coverage Tiles and China Mosaic: approx. 100 sq. ft. per kg.
Complete Curing Time 72-96 hours at 30-40°C
Pot Time (hours) 30 minutes

Waterseal Clear-coats is a Fantastic Product that can create seamless resinous floors.

Surface Preparation:
Always Grind the surface( by Floor Polishing machine) for making it Ruff before appling Clear-coat.

A surface needs to be properly prepared. This means it should be Clean,Dry and Dust-free.

  • Humidity:
    Make sure that the surface is completely Dry.
    No pipes or Taps Dripping
    No Rising humidity from beneath the ground.

All oils, greases, residues must be properly cleaned before attempting Waterseal Clear-coat’s coating.

Application Method:

1. Make sure that the surface is completely Dry. Use a Poker or Hand Cutter
and remove old grouts(joints)in Tiles. So chemical can be filled in it. cleaning joints before filling grout or to remove cement based grout

2. Clean the Surface thoroughly using cloth. The surface should be free of
dust, grease or any residue before application.

3. Mix WATERSEAL’S Clear-Coat (Part A- 75 ml+ Part B-25 ml)ratio of 3:1.
use 100 ml Measuring cup And fill the Mixture in Needle Container.

4. Fill the mixture into Joints using needle container. Use the mixture in less
than 30 minutes, else it will start drying.

5. Joints will take 4 Hours to Dry. If needed repeat Step 4.

6. Once all joints are filled up ,let the surface to dry for at-least 15-24 Hrs.

7. For better results : Coating all over the tiles by Paint Brush.

Warning: Never add the left over mixture back to the chemical container else  the chemicals will start drying. Store in cool & well- ventilated Place.

Waterseal Clear coat kit demo
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