Terrace waterproofing cost

Roof /Terrace Waterproofing Cost

Terrace waterproofing Cost:  waterproofing should be able to resist leakage during heavy rainfall.and provide insulation against heat loss during summers/winters.Terrace Waterproofing is the Best way to Stop Water leakages and Humidity. Water proofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your house.  Water proofing is very important as it helps keep your house dry.

Why Do You Need Terrace Waterproofing Services?

  • do you notice any moisture or shipage in ceiling or wall during monsoon ?
  • does your ceiling leak during heavy rains ?
  • are your ceiling plaster flakes falling ?
  • are your wall paint flakes puffed out ?

If you notice any problem of above OR any kind of moisture in ceiling or  walls is found then you Immediately needs  Terrace waterproofing.

Welcome to “Waterseal ” Best Solution for all type of leakage problems.

As being our clients, you can be assured you will receive only the best.

Terrace Waterproofing cost

we specialized in TERRACE WATERPROOFING. We Applying Silicone  waterproofing Method on Roof Surface. We are Confident and we can provide you with our work in a professional manner.The best way to flat terrace waterproofing with Silicone Polymers.

We Apply waterproofing on; Terrace,Basement,Wall,Bathroom,Overhead Tank,Underground Tank,Swimming Pool ,Cement and Fibre Sheet Roofing waterproofing.

Efficient waterproofing of terraces can be achieved by adopting proper construction practices. It is essential that no rainwater stagnates on the roof. A proper slope and adequate number of drainage outlets can achieve this. The requisite slope is obtained by varying the thickness of the insulating layer. Or when the roof slab is large in area, the slope or fall is often provided by making it’s (the slab) top surface sloping to the desired extent.

Terrace waterproofing cost Approx

Rate Per Sq.feet With all Materials & Labor(Only Terrace waterproofing cost)

Under 430 Sq.feet        Rs.15000/- Minimum Charge

430 to 1000 Sq.feet      Rs.35/- Per Sq.ft

1000 to 3000 Sq.feet    Rs.30/- Per Sq.ft

  3000 to 10000 Sq.ft     Rs.25/- Per Sq.ft


Terrace Waterproofing costTHREE YEAR GENUINE GUARANTEE

This water proofing system is guaranteed for 3 years. In case of any complaint during this Guarantee period,will be rectified free of cost.


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