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Waterseal clear coat is Super glossy Clear-Coat Cracks & Tile Joints Sealant
Use for Terrace,Kitchen,Bathroom and Swimming Pool’s tile joints and crack Grouting.

Waterseal Clear Coat is also used to Seal Water leakages from Decorative Terrace and Balconies that are often used for parties or functions . Waterseal Clear coat provides Transparent Coating over the Designed surface thus preserving the look of the floor while giving waterproof results. 2 Coats of Waterseal clear coat over the surface is advisable to get 100% waterproof Results.
We can Waterproof Textured floors,Swimming Pools, Decorative China mosaic, Terrazzo Flooring,Fancy tiling ,etc while maintaining its actual look. We get a super finish Gloss over the surface after Clear coat.

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Waterseal Clear-Coat Cracks & Tile Joints Sealant


  • Appearance Clear, gloss finish
  • Usage Interiors
  • Suitable For Tiles ,China Mosaic and Terrazzo Flooring or previously coated concrete
  • Properties Easy to apply, two component clear coat + Harder
  • Surfaces Clean and Dry Surface Tiles ,China Mosaic and Terrazzo Flooring
  • Coverage Tiles and China Mosaic: approx. 100 sq. ft. per kit.
  • Complete Curing Time 72-96 hours at 30-40°C
  • Pot Time (hours) 30 minutes

What is Included in a Clear Coat kit

1. Clear-Coat Part -1   :  300 ml
2. Clear-Coat Part -2  : 100 ml
3. Crack Grouting Powder  :  200 gm
4. Needle Bottle 100 ml (for Application)
5. 4" Hand Scraper : 1 Nos.
6. Hand Gloves : 1 Pair
7. Measuring cup For 1oo ml
8. Hand Grout Cutter : 1 Nos.
9. How to Apply Instruction- Hard Copy.


Waterseal Waterproofing

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3 reviews for Waterseal Clear Coat

  1. Pratik Shah

    Very much satisfy with the product. Time and money saver product. I used this waterseal Clear-coat in my Bathroom and I solved water leakage it my self.

  2. Sanjiv shukla

    My first time using Waterseal Clear coat . Proper Description,videos and Guideline is provided for mixing and application related issues. And the best thing about waterseal is their On-Call assistance when ever needed. Thank you Waterseal Waterproofing.

  3. Sohan Mane

    I have used Waterseal Clear-Coat. are great for stopping low pressure leaks and seepage in my Bathroom and Bedroom’s Wall.

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