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Best Waterproofing Chemical – PSv

(7 customer reviews)


Polymerized Silicone Vinyl ‘Waterseal PSv’ is a heavy duty durable terrace waterproofing Chemical. composed of specially developed highly elastic & durable Silicone polymers,  light fast & weather durable. Is suitable for both indoor & outdoor Roof and sealing work.

Waterseal PSv - Polymerized Silicone Vinyl  - Best Waterproofing Chemical

Waterseal Waterproofing Chemical Manufacturer :   is an Indian company in the sector of Waterproofing Specialists. It was founded in 1995 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Mr Simon Benjamin. His choices towards more innovative products, with a lower environmental impact, without compromising their high standard and technological qualities. Note :This is not Silicone Sealant or silicone rubber

How to Use Expert Waterproofing Chemical ( PSv and Admixture Waterproofing Powder) on Terrace By Self Watch Three Parts of waterproofing training Videos on our YouTube Chanel. Click Here 

No.1 Waterproofing Chemicals for Terrace वॉटरप्रूफिंग केमिकल्स छत पर कैसे लगाया जाता है

Waterproofing Chemicals
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High Quality Performance With Polymerized Silicone Vinyl Coating

Waterseal offers comprehensive system solutions for Waterproofing a new home or Repairing an existing one. Our products for all critical surface areas like Roof, External Walls,Basement,Internal Walls, Bathrooms and Water Tanks.

100 % successful and affordable  Waterproofing chemicals. ‘Waterseal ‘ is the Best waterproofing brand in India  that many customers from the construction sector are deal with us. we gain the trust of clients, we work hard and make sure that we fulfill following factors:

PSV is a heavy duty durable terrace waterproofing system. composed of specially developed highly elastic & durable Silicone,polymers and vinyl. Is suitable for both indoor & outdoor Roof ,wall and sealing work.

FEATURES/ADVANTAGES OF Polymerized Silicone Vinyl- PSv

1.  This products is 100 % successful  for waterproofing Treatment.

2.  Easy to Apply without any skills. By brush or Roller.

3.  Film thickness is 1 to 1.75 mm in four coat application..

4.  No need to remove existing Tiles, plaster, or concrete surface.

5.  Can be used for flat and sloping Roofs or Wall

6.  Higher tensile strength, tear resistance & bond strength with cement substrates.

7.  Resistant to  weather conditions.

8.  Light weight waterproofing chemicals does not add extra weight over the roof.

9.  It is non-toxic in nature & breathable waterproofing.


Building roofs / terraces – flat & slopes Over existing waterproofing chemicals treatments like – Rcc, concrete screeds, Cement,fiber and acrylic weather sheet ,etc

Our promise as a Waterproofing Engineer, is to build community value into every product while delivering professional expertise,Exceptional customers service and quality Waterproofing.

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5 Kg. Rs.2250/-, 10 Kg. Rs.4400/-, 25 Kg. Rs.11,000/-, 50 Kg. Rs.21,000/-

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7 reviews for Best Waterproofing Chemical – PSv


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  • Anonymous

    How many Waterseal PSv Coverage area per kg ?


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    • Waterseal waterproofing


      5 Kg Waterseal PSv +12 Kg White Cement ( Buy Local Hardware Store ) = Covered Total 4 Coatings for 130 to160 Sq feet Area of Terrace,Wall OR Water Tank. ₹2,200.00

      10 Kg Waterseal PSv + 30 Kg Admixture Powder OR 30 Kg White Cement ( Buy Local Hardware Store ) = Covered Total 4 Coatings for 270 to350 Sq feet Area of Terrace,Wall OR Water Tank. Rs. 4200

      25 Kg Waterseal PSv +60 Kg Admixture Powder OR White Cement ( Buy Local Hardware Store ) = Covered Total 4 Coatings for 700 to 800 Sq feet Area of Terrace,Wall OR Water Tank ₹10,600.00

      50 Kg Waterseal PSv +120 Kg Admixture Powder OR White Cement ( Buy Local Hardware Store ) = Covered Total 4 Coatings for 1400 to1600 Sq feet Area of Terrace,Wall OR Water Tank.

  • Rajatkumar thakur

    में  रजतकुमार  मेरे दिलसे  Waterseal Waterproofing कम्पनी को  धन्यवाद्  करता हु . में पुणे ,महाराष्ट्र  का रहने वाला हूँ।  मेरा  पुराना मकान में गिराके  फिर से बनवा रहा था. मेरे पुराने मकान में मेने बारिश का पानी रोकने के लिए  हजारो रुपये खर्च किए  थे पर मेरे घर में हर बारिश पर में परेशान  होता रहता था.
    तीन  साल पहले मेने नया मकान  बनवाने का शुरू किया. में उसमे कोई भी लीकेज की समस्या न रहे इसलिए पहेलेसे  ही Waterproofing करवाने  के लिए सोचा.
    मेने कई सारी नामी  Waterproofing कम्पनिओं  का संपर्क किया ,जैसे  Dr. Fixit  / Asian Paints / sikka /  zaidus….. वगैरे , पर मुझे कही से भी  गेरेंटी वाला केमिकल या भरोसे लायक जबाब नहीं मिला. और में पिछले कई सालों से यह सब कम्पनीओ से बहुत सारा खर्च करके काम करवा चूका था  इस लिए मुझे उन पर भरोसा भी नहीं था.

    मेने बहोत सर्च किया और मुझे  Waterseal Waterproofing कम्पनी के बारे में पता चला मेने  9825585997 नंबर पर फ़ोन किया तो वहाँ  से मुझे बहोत सारी  जानकारी प्राप्त हुई. मुझे बताया गया की Waterseal  PSv  एक मोनोपोली वाला केमिकल है जो आप नए और पुराने दोनों  टाइप के मकानों में  गेरंटी के साथ खुद काम करवा शकते  हो.  मेने मेरे पुरे मकान  के  बाथरूम ,छत, और सारे  रूम की सतह पर  उनके बताये गए निर्देशों के अनुसार कलरकाम करने वाले कारीगरों से काम करवाया.  पुरे काम के दौरान  कोई भी मुश्किल होने पर फोन पर मुझे समझाया  गया। मेने उनको पुरे काम का विडिओ भी  भेजे। आज  तीन साल के ऊपर हो गया , चाहे  कितना भी बारिश हो पर मेरे घर में कोई भी लीकेज या सीलन नहीं देखा गया है. में बहोत ही शुक्रगुजार  हु. खुद काम करवा के मुझे बहोत ही सस्ते में अच्छा काम मिला हे।  मेरी सबसे गुजारिश है  की वॉटरप्रूफिंग  करवाना हो तो Waterseal  से बड़ा कोई नाम इंडिया में नहीं है. धन्यवाद.


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  • shukbindar Singh

    Best Product Best price
    The Best ever Money can buy……i have purchased this after long research and take it from me…..u can save lakhs …and do roof water proofing …Stupendous products


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  • Mahendra Rajpara

    Totally positive experience
    with Waterseal’s Chemicals, for Terrace waterproofing.I am 100% Satisfied form Waterseal PSv. Thanks


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  • Pratik Shah

    Best Waterproofing Company in the Ahmadabad ,Gujarat !
    – Waterseal Waterproofing is a top of the line Company! The Employees for the company was great! He helped me to decide the best way to go about fixing my Terrace & basement! They were very clean and efficient and I will recommend this company to all my friends and family! Nice to know that there is a Company in the area that you can trust and does what they say they are going to do!!


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  • Er.Aldrin Christie

    Good Features in Warterseal PSv

    <strong>Good Features in Warterseal PSv</strong>
    As a Civil Engineer I suggest this Waterseal PSV
    Good Features in Warterseal PSv Like;
    Flexibility – Provides a flexible &amp; low permeable coating.
    Water permeability -Excellent resistance to ingress of water.
    Slip resistant – Provides slip resistant coating.
    Waterproof – Waterproof for concrete structures.
    Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to concrete, natural and artificial stone.


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  • Yogesh Rana

    Excellent product.
    Bridges most of cracks on the terrace. Our building 35years old and had severe cracks up to 2mm. Even a slight rain was getting dripped inside the home. I tried this product. Now I am not facing any drips and faced two Havey rains within 10days of application. Let’s see the durability in coming days.


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