Chalu pani Bandh Karne ka Powder

Chalu pani Bandh Karne ka Powder: अंडर ग्राउंड टंकी और बेसमेंट में जमीन से निकलने वाले चालू पानी को बंद करने का सिर्फ एक तरीका है. Waterseal Quick Seal Powder is extra quick to cover Negative Water leakage, Flooding water, large cracks, gaps, and holes. So easy to use! Just add water and seal the running water force. Sets in 3-5 minutes to stop active water leaks and seepage. The following self-explanatory video shows how we can stop heavy leakage of water effectively using Waterseal Quick Seal Cement & Waterseal PSv. 

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