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Permanent Terrace Waterproofing

Permanent Terrace Waterproofing, Terrace Waterproofing Cost at Gujarat

More then 27 Years Experience in Permanent Terrace Waterproofing. Compare our Terrace Waterproofing Cost with author Top Waterproofing Company. Silicone Polymers is the The best Chemical for weather of India.this is the Best way to Stop Water leakages and Humidity.

‘Waterseal PSv’ its brilliant anti leakage property during monsoons provide a comfortable Dry environment and its airtight property keep the building cool during Summer and warm in winter.

We are Apply Only Waterseal PSv for all Types of waterproofing Like;

Terrace,Basement,Wall,Bathroom,Overhead Tank,Underground Tank,Swimming Pool ,Cement and Fiber Sheet Roofing waterproofing.roof treatment for water leakage.

  • 250 – 2000 Sq.feet Rs.40/- Per Sq.ft
  • 2000 – 10,000 Sq.feet Rs.38/- Per Sq.ft
  • 10,000 – 25000 Sq.ft Rs.35/- Per Sq.ft
  • Under 250 Sq.ft Minimum Rs.10,000/-
  • Re plastering with Waterproofing Compound @ Rs.150/-

We Provide our services in Ahmedabad, but if Waterproofing area is above 10,000 Sq.feet – our services is available allover in India – with 20% Extra Charges on these Rate

Terrace masarment and Terrace Waterproofing Cost


Waterproofing Chemicals for Terrace,Bathroom and Wall

Waterproofing Chemicals Manufacturer & Suppliers

Rs.480/*- Per Kilogram Get Latest Price
Packaging Size: 5 KG,10 KG,25 KG,50 KG
Packaging Type Karbo,Drum
Types of use: No.1 Waterproofing Coating, Permanent  Waterproofing, All in one Polymerized Silicone Vinyl Base Coating
Form of Chemicals Liquid
Application New Construction, Renovation & Old building Waterproofing
Brand Waterseal Waterproofing, Ahmedabad-8

Our Terrace Water-proofing services protect & preserves your valuable buildings.


This terrace waterproofing system is guaranteed for 3 years For more then 15 years old Buildings and 5 years for other new buildings .During the guarantee period in case of any complaint same will be rectified free of cost.

Waterproofing During New Construction …

It can be done during or after building work to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture and leaks. Waterproofing helps to seal a new construction site early which has been found to promote long term comfort.

Efficient waterproofing of terraces can be achieved by adopting proper construction practices. It is essential that no rainwater stagnates on the roof. A proper slope and adequate number of drainage outlets can achieve this. The requisite slope is obtained by varying the thickness of the insulating layer. Or when the roof slab is large in area, the slope or fall is often provided by making it’s (the slab) top surface sloping to the desired extent.

Guidelines on Waterproofing in New/Old Construction

  1. Basement Exterior Wall Waterproofing before dumping wall space.
  2. Waterproof all joints of parapet wall, sunken floor,concrete slab Joints,Expansion Joints and down water Drainage pipes.
  3. Expansion Joint Waterproofing.
  4. Terrace Waterproofing Before Plastering.
  5. Bathroom  Waterproofing After Plumbing.
  6. Kitchen Waterproofing Before Drainage and Tiling.
  7. Exterior Wall Waterproofing after Plastering.
Need Terrace Water proofing Services when…

Waterproofing is one of the most critical, yet neglected subjects because the common man is not exposed to the concrete technology. He just wonders and is shocked when he sees leakage in his building, but most of the time he considers it as inconvenience rather than a serious matter.

  • do you notice any moisture or seepage in ceiling during monsoon ?
  • does your ceiling leak during heavy rains ?
  • are your ceiling plaster flakes falling ?
  • are your wall paint flakes puffed out ?

If you notice any problem of above OR any kind of moisture in ceiling or  walls is found then you Immediately needs  Terrace water-proofing Treatment.

  1. Washing the Roof-terrace surface and making it dust free.
  2. Filling all the visible cracks by way of specially prepared PSv crack filler.
  3. Applying First coat for Filling the invisible cracks & small holes with diluted Psv.
  4. Applying Second & Third coat of Silicone based cement waterproofing to strengthen the surface.
  5. Waterproofing process Complete If applied by Sprayer Machine. But Using Paint Brush you Apply Forth Coat of waterproofing for 100 % waterproofing Surface. Watch our Video Chanel

5 Top Secrets of Waterproofing work.Best waterproofing chemicals.

Play Video about 5 Top Secrets of Waterproofing work

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