Concrete cracks in roofs? How can we repair

Concrete Crack-Filler Kit / DIY  Easy Terrace Cracks Repairing -Only Rs.1300/-

What is included in a Concrete Crack-Filler Kit:

  1. Waterseal PSv : 1Kg.
  2. Crack Grouting Powder :1 Kg
  3. FRP Powder Mat : 4″ x 30 Feet Approx 200 gms.
  4. Needle Bottle100 ml ( For Application)
  5. 3″ Paint brush : 1 Nos.
  6. 4″ Hand Scraper :  1 Nos.
  7. Hand Gloves  : 1 Pair
  8. Hand Grout Cutter : 1 Nos.
  9. How to Apply Instruction- Hard Copy.

The first reason of leakage by Cracks on roof.You may also visit the sides of your building, drainage pipes, etc. These are the most common sources of leakage.

Find cracks and Fill. For this, you will need Waterseal Crack filler Kit.It is Easy and Permanent solution for terrace leakage. The next step is to fill the cracks or holes with Crack filler Kit.

How to Manage Leaking Roof your self. DIY Concrete Crack Repair using Waterseal Crack-Filler Kit

Waterseal Concrete Crack-Filler KitStep -1.

Use a Hand Scraper Or angle Grinder and

remove any residue from Cracks. So Chemical can be filled in it.


Fill the Cracks by waterseal Concrete Crack-Filler KitStep -2.

Fill the Cracks using Needle Container
Or Plastic Cup. Mixing Ratio
( 1Part Waterseal Psv + 1 Part Crack Powder )


Fill the Crack Groove by waterseal Concrete Crack-Filler KitStep – 3.

Fill the Crack Groove with mixed filler
using Putty-knife
( 1Part Waterseal  Psv + 2 Part Crack Powder )


Seal Concrete Crack by Placing FRP Powder Mat with waterseal Crack-Filler KitStep – 4.

Seal Crack by Placing FRP Powder Mat
over the crack joint using Paint brush.
( 1Part Waterseal Psv + 1 Part Crack Powder )


Note : After Drying Apply 2 Coats of the Same Coating over the Frp Powder Mat ( 1Part Waterseal Psv + 1 Part Crack Powder )


  • This products is 100 % successful  for waterproofing Treatment.
  • Easy to Apply without any skills. By brush.
  • Film thickness is 1 to 1.75 mm in four coat application..
  • No need to remove existing Tiles, plaster, or concrete surface.
  • Can be used for flat and sloping Roofs or Wall
  • Higher tensile strength, tear resistance & bond strength with cement substrates.
  • Resistant to  weather conditions.
  • Light weight waterproofing chemicals does not add extra weight over the roof.
  • It is non-toxic in nature & breathable waterproofing.

Coverage :  approx 30 Running feet Per Crack Filler kit

Waterseal Crack-Filler Kit is a ready to use fiber glass(FRP Powder Mat) reinforced crack filling compound for exterior surfaces.

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